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Other Appliance Services & Installation

We also service "high-end" appliances such as ice machines, trash compactors and built-in microwaves.
  If you've purchased or are planning to purchase new appliances, we offer professional installation.

ice machine beverage cooler

We service all major brands of:

•   Microwaves
•   Garbage Disposals
•   Cooktops
•   Ice Machines
•   Trash Compactors
•   Beverage Coolers
•   And More!

Please note: Countertop & inexpensive over-the-range microwaves are normally more cost-effective to replace than repair. The same applies to most inexpensive beverage coolers. If you are unsure whether or not your unit is serviceable, feel free to send us an email with the model number and description of the problem.

garbage disposal

Garbage Disposals are generally not serviceable. When they continue to jam or leak, they must be replaced. Don't waste time shopping for a disposal and overpaying for installation. Get it done with one phone call! We'll install the proper size Whirpool or Kitchenaid high-quality disposal at a great out-the-door price.

appliance installation
We professionally install all major appliances:

•  Refrigerators
•  Washers

•  Dryers
•  Dishwashers
•  Ovens
•  Cooktops
•  Built-in Microwaves
•  And More!

We've always specialized in repair service but over the years our customers have requested us to install their new appliances when it was time to replace or remodel. We've also been seeing a sharp increase of appliance failure due to poor installation and felt it was time to offer it as part of our services. Appliance retailers do well in sales and delivery but unfortunately quality-control issues with subcontracted installers are far too common. Have your new appliance investment properly installed by a professional technician!